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Thomas Wayne Jr./Owlman
Lord of Earth-3 Gotham
Founding Crime Syndicate Member
At an early age, I witnessed an agent of the law murder my mother and my younger brother Bruce in cold blood…at that point, I swore an oath to spend the rest of my life warring against all authorities of law and order, becoming a symbol to strike terror into the hearts of the law abiding, a force of crime to be reckoned with…
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Her cheeks turn bright red, she swallows hard and texts a reply.

[Text] Hey Owly, were those meant for me?

[text]: a fair exchange

[text]: I do not suppose you would like to give me something for the lock-screen?

She responds with a picture of her ass in a lace green thong

[Text] Hope that’s okay

[Text] do I get something for my lock screen too?

[text]: that is excellent

In response to her request, he texted her an image of himself in his boxers, albeit heavily covered in blood.

[text]: do not concern yourself; only some of that is my blood




"That would certainly be one way of putting it…" he commented, leaving it ambiguous for the time being, not wanting to lose the opportunity to get a quick medical fix by revealing he was in the business of securing power for criminal elements

He followed her in, throwing a brief glare to the man behind the counter, as if to indicate that it would be in his best interest not to remember that Thomas had been there.

"A system of favors you say?" he asked, his attention turning back to the nurse, "Now such a system I can get behind, so to speak…where I am from, a variation on that is just about the only code we respect…"

"Pretty much. I save their kid’s life, and I keep quiet about them being here not so…legally and they let me use this ‘secret' room for my work.” The dark haired woman continued as they pressed into the hidden room and she motioned him towards the examining table.

“Now sit down and strip-” Followed the flirtatious tone before she looked back with a shrug smiling still. “-to where you’re hurt that is. Tell me more about how this code works where you’re from.”

By now her mind was mostly else where as she strode over to a cart with medical supplies. Immediately she shoved the anesthetics aside in favor for gauze and needles and threads oblivious to the sound of footsteps entering the shop and seemingly heading towards them. “System of favors is risky. Very risky in fact, but as long as you have something over them they’ll usually stay quiet.”

” Like Doctors , ” Followed the aggravated huff as she walked over to him with a tray clearly showing what she was using. He seemed paranoid enough and she didn’t want to risk an accident. “-egotistical morons who think they run the damn place. Well a few slipped messages about them and certain people from events in the on-call room make them look the other way sometimes when I need to get extra supplies. Otherwise I’m stuck buying off criminals, which in its strange way works out-”

He sat down on the examination table and began to remove his shirt, unfazed by her joke about stripping, laying the black shirt aside and reveal his bare chest, which was adorned with muscle and many scars, some of which were a little too intricate to have happened accidentally, almost like tattoos in their own way, also showing the part off his abdomen where the knife had gone through.

"The system we have is essentially the only way we could form an organization composed mostly of people who do not find it easy to operate within the law," he explained, eyeing the tray of supplies closely, always suspicious of people wielding sharp objects around him, before looking up to her, picking up what she was saying, seeing an opportunity, "You know…if you in the position of needing medical supplies, I happen to have a hand in such business…I know people who can provide them at a much more generous rate than the usual suppliers…"

"You have not been talking to any former associates of yours...have you, Katarina?"




"I-.." Kat sighed out placing a hand on her baby bump rubbing it. "Yes. Barbara gordon has been asking more about you. She’s insistent on meeting you. I thought I could handle the situation myself but she’s persistent, my love."

"Of course, I had no intention of them being raised in such a dangerous environment…they will not be setting foot on this earth unless it is for the purpose of invading it, for my…for our empire," he corrected himself, "Now, how is Ms. Gordon going to meet her demise?" he asked her, as if he were a professor inquiring about the subject of a student’s term paper

"I’m glad." She smiled as he agreed to raise their child elsewhere. "I don’t know really what’s a quick way to go about it?" Lifting her head up to kiss him on the lips.

"I was asking you what method you are going to choose…." he tugged on her collar, keeping her down and holding her back from kissing him again, repressing her urges until she had answered him, "What shall it be, Katarina?"

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7. Getting a cup of coffee

"Alright. But I suggest we avoid the larger chains, one of them tried to serve me a decaffeinated beverage at one time, and I still owe them for the cost to clean that employee off the wall…"

Care to join me.'

Send me “Care to join me?” and I’ll generate a number and my character will react to yours asking them to join them in…

16. Picking out a pet from the shelter

"Is there one near here that caters to a more exotic variety of animals? Runaways from the zoo and such?"




Evil Disco Static(?), Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010)

He doesn’t get any lines, nor a name, but he appears to be Static’s evil twin. And his outfit is WAY too funky for me not to include it here.

It could be Static, but last I checked he was a Teen Titan, and doesn’t join the JL until later in the future.

So I’m thinking that’s Black Thunder, which is super duper cool because he came out ages before Static, and better fits the JL.

So looking up Black Thunder led me to Black Lightning (which I guess you probably meant) and, at the bottom of the page, alternate versions of the character. Apparently his name is "Black Power". Subtle.

Care to join me?

Send me “Care to join me?” and I’ll generate a number and my character will react to yours asking them to join them in…

19. Going on a nature walk

"We can do that, however I would suggest driving out to the country rather than the Gotham City Park; reports have come in that she has taken it over again…”