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Thomas Wayne Jr./Owlman
Lord of Earth-3 Gotham
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At an early age, I witnessed an agent of the law murder my mother and my younger brother Bruce in cold blood…at that point, I swore an oath to spend the rest of my life warring against all authorities of law and order, becoming a symbol to strike terror into the hearts of the law abiding, a force of crime to be reckoned with…
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I like shipping the cheerful one with the grumpy one


Reason #12492 why Mark Waid is awesome.

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Character shaming: Future soft touch for Talon's daughter
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"…be quiet."
(Character Shaming) "I tried to destroy the multiverse in one fell swoop. I regret nothing and had a smile on my face the whole time."
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“Yes, that was quite the enjoyable venture…but I will aim higher next time…”
sticks the sign on him. "I let Hannibal the hellhound loose on purpose hoping he would get lost and not come back to the Eyrie."
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"You cannot prove that…"


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(i.e. ‘I ate all he cookies in the house and lied about it with crumbs over my face’)

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"Your current path will only lead you to a state of loneliness and isolation with little to nothing in the way of accomplishments…"


[imagines a character in the hands of better writers]

[imagines a scenario in the hands of better writers]

[imagines a whole show and concept in the hands of better writers]

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"My standards are not as high as they seem, I mostly exaggerate them for the purpose of motivating you. But half the time, you still do not live up to them…"

§ (Saints AU?)




He shoved her against the elevator wall just as it started moving. The thrill of that was enough to get her.  She shifted on her feet, trying to meet his height.  

"What brought this on?" She wasn’t sure she even wanted to know. 

"No, Aurelie, in fact, I believe it is just about appropriate…do you think I got where I am today by being lenient and merciful?" he leaned in closer to her, his grip on her unwavering, not letting her smile influence him, "I am going to have that man torn apart by pliers and then burnt alive with the other item…perhaps I will have you watch as a lesson…in modern torture techniques,” he added, a significant pause present after ‘lesson’, “Unless you believe you have already learnt that lesson?”

She giggled nervously, she honestly hadn’t been this horrified since her first day on the job.  And by job she meant that she was supposed to be his secretary but obviously he had found better use of her talents elsewhere. “No I think I’m quite skilled at that lesson you know…” She tilted her head giving that innocent look.  Puppy dog eyes that no one could resist….at the least it would save her from being killed and just earn her a spanking.

She could live with spanking.  

"I am quite glad that you can admit to that…" he responded, still staring her down, or attempting to, it was rather difficult with her giving him that particular look, he found himself constantly reassuring himself that he was angry at her. His wrathful glare ceased once the elevator reached the floor he had requested, though it was not actually a floor, rather a slanted tube in front of the elevator that led to the garbage disposal. He gave it a moment of consideration before sighing, pressing a different button, the one for his actual work-floor, stepping out onto that level and heading to his office.

"Enter in five minutes, and bring me a ruler…" he ordered, giving her an indication as to what would happen to her, "And make it a metal one…"