It Doesn't Matter...
Thomas Wayne Jr./Owlman
Lord of Earth-3 Gotham
Founding Crime Syndicate Member
At an early age, I witnessed an agent of the law murder my mother and my younger brother Bruce in cold blood…at that point, I swore an oath to spend the rest of my life warring against all authorities of law and order, becoming a symbol to strike terror into the hearts of the law abiding, a force of crime to be reckoned with…
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The Joker copied and pasted the lengthy story into an email and added above it “Remember when you asked how you could pay me back for shoving me off a roof?  This is how.”  Then she pressed send.

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Be back later. Remember, you’re all still grounded, so no TV, no friends over, and NO parties!

Send me a :X and my character will blurt out the first thing on their mind when they see your character.

"Ride the snake to the ancient lake."

:x //*waves slowly*//

Send me a :X and my character will blurt out the first thing on their mind when they see your character.

"Please tell me this child is not coveting the role of Owl-Boy…”

  • ✣ :Physical disability/disadvantage

His spine. It’s mostly held together with factory-reject pins and illegal (and unethical) surgeries. Though his suit has systems in place to protect it, Thomas is one good kick to the back away from being unable to help you move next weekend.

  • ✬ :Something minor they enjoy

Fig Newtons. Seriously, don’t get him started

rowanmcallister replied to your post “//You know, I’m fine with people reblogging memes without sending me…”

omg bae i was going to get you a gotham bag (and i got it) but i gave it to my friend so so sorry~~

//it’s alright, I appreciate the thought :)

//You know, I’m fine with people reblogging memes without sending me anything if you’ve done that meme with me before or it’s like one of those "how does your character react?"-memes and our muses don’t know each other that well but really if it’s just like a send-me-a-symbol thing then is it that hard just to copy and paste something into (or even leave '[fill in the blank] symbol' in) my askbox?



"Is that so?"


"Valuable in what way? Are you out to make a profit…? If you are a bounty hunter of sorts, I would highly recommend that you turn your attention elsewhere…"


"Valuable in the way of information.

If so many people are scared of you—

I’m sure you know something that

would be useful to me.”

"True, information is quite the resource…"

"But the question is, what do you have to offer me in return? Are by any chance connected with anything I would find important…?”

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⋆ Detailed Headcanon Prompter! ⋆

⋆ : Minor personality flaw or quirk
✢ : Physical advantage
✣ : Physical disability/disadvantage
✦ : Fatal flaw
✧ : Mental or emotional strength
❋ : Belief they have
✩ : Belief they've questioned/struggled with
✪ : Critique they have about others
✫ : Pet peeve
✬ : Something minor they enjoy
✭ : An obscure interest
✮ : A moral standard
✯ : Way they could see themselves dying
✰ : Weird thing they want to try or have tried
★ : A socially unacceptable thought they've had
✱ : Someone or something who or that has played a part in a fantasy or daydream
✲ : Something or someone they down right hate